About Claddit

With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing Polyurethane decorative wall cladding and by using high quality raw materials our products offered conform to the highest standards and our durability and quality is guaranteed. We offer a bespoke solution to your interior and exterior design requirements and are always available to offer advice and project specific assistance through out the UK and Europe.

Safety is of course of paramount importance to us, just as it is to you and your clients. Each panel has a high thermal coefficient making them flame retardant and their light weight properties mean there are no requirements for any mechanical fixing for installation above 3 metres in height. They also offer thermal and acoustic benefits due to their high density core.


The interlocking, light weight panels are easy to install to any flat surface. They can be fixed to timber, masonry and concrete walls and due to their high density Polyurethane core they are easy to cut and shape. With each panel approximately 1m2 in size, they are easy to handle as well as being incredibly fast to install.

Installation is a neat and tidy process and when you consider the speed of installation it is perfectly suited for use for Retail and Commercial spaces, both new fit outs as well as refurbishments. The finishing kit provided with the panels allows you to quickly and neatly hide the joints and any fixing holes to leave a perfect, seamless finish that is almost impossible to tell apart from natural brick, slate or stone.

Our wall cladding options

Claddit wall cladding panels are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our slate, stone, brick and wood panels are created from military grade polyurethane and coated with a lightweight, acrylic coating, making them weatherproof and UV resistant.

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